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Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We have expertise in this particular field to make sure you are getting the best solutions. You could cater your regular work at ease with our top-quality software solutions. Indeed, our professional team of experts could help you in designing custom software. We can't deny that it's somewhat tricky for enterprises to do software application maintenance in today's time.

Many enterprises are under pressure to reduce costs spent on maintenance while ensuring that the performance must remain optimized for their IT applications and systems. So, Jenex has the best and complete software solutions for such requirements. We indeed engage with the organizations to help them in this particular field so that they'd get the best user experience, development, support, and maintenance.

What We Offer

Architecture Design

Software Development

Software Enhancement & Performance Optimization

Application Development

Cloud-Based Application Development

Web App Development

Application Porting

Software and Application Testing

UI/UX Design Development

CMS Management

Database Architecture

Database Development

Database Backup & Recovery

Database Migration

Support & Maintenance

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We make sure to identify the requirements of the company so that we could find the idea that would suit your business for its future growth.

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Now, after publishing the idea we plan for the best design that involves desktop solutions, saaS products, and more. Also, we need to make improvements and changes before finalizing the product design.

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The next stage after finalizing the design is to give life to it by developing the product. This particular stage is vital as we have to pay attention towards implementation of the project and optimize the production cost.

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The final stage after developing the product and going through various testing, we prepare it for the release into the market. After the release, we get several feedbacks and take a notice on them so that we could improve the product quality in future.

Our Expertise

Undoubtedly, Jenex has the best expertise in software and web developing who works for several frameworks such as Joomia, Codelgniter, Laravel, Magento, and have DBMS e expertise particularly in MySQL, and more.

We have an expert team in Angular material, React JS, HTML5, CS, Angular JS and many related to software.

Prototyping & MVP Development

At Jenex, you’ll get the best experience of discovering, and outlining various demands. Our expertise built these products based on latest trends of the market, and according to the customer feedback. Utilizing our service as Prototyping approach would be highly beneficial and MVP Development service using which you could test the condition as well as minimize various risks of your products under several markets.

Product Architecture Design

Amazingly, we always ensure to offer the latest and ground-breaking by following the newly launched ones into the market. We have several expertise in this field having years of experience so, they deliver top quality product architectural layers that perfectly fits in the competitive value of the market.

Jenex Differentiators

Jenex has been in the field for several years and has delivered top-notch services to clients of varying fields including Healthcare, Automotive, Telemetry, and more. You could believe us for our services as we have various teams of expertise in each area.

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One-stop destination for maximum embedded products- We make sure that our end-to-end services go straight to manufacturing from concept to product

Get complete product realization services and excellent  solutions 

We have the best culture and policies that can attract superior talent and we help in develop your ideas.

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