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Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

We have the best team of quality engineers having years of experience in this area. Amazingly, the whole procedures, including quality assurance and quality control for developing unique solutions and processes, are exclusively done per your preferences.

We believe in providing quality services and products to our customers no matter what as it defines the security, reliability, as well as safety of IT services. Mostly everyone knows that quality engineering could be linked towards the compliance of business and legal requirements. Therefore, Jenex provides high-quality products and services without any compromises.

What We Offer

End-to-end quality assurance

Agile Testing

DevOps Testing

Service Virtualization

Test Data management

Security testing

Monitoring and analysis

Performance testing

Test Automation

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At Jenex, we make sure that you’re getting the top-notch ideas for the upbringing of your business. Also, with comprehensive testing frameworks and strategies we get the perfect idea for developing the product.

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Designing the product is the next vital stage where our expertise plan for designing keeping in mind all the requirements of our clients. And, this is the final chance to make improvements and changes in the product and it is done before finalizing the product development.

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Here, the idea gets life as the product is developed and resembled in this particular stage. Also, few steps are involved including performance testing, monitoring and analysis, security testing and more in this stage before releasing it.

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The final stage where we prepare the product for releasing it into the market after properly developing and testing it. For few days or months, we collect feedbacks from the users for making future improvements into the product.

Our Expertise

No doubt, Jenex have a team of expertise providing excellent quality engineering services as they’ve specialized in some particular field including automation, Performance Testing, and Test Data management. Also, our focus on building the best out of ideas from which you could benefit by developing an accelerated product development.

We have the best expertise who have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the past few years so that they could cover the entire software testing life cycle in a seamless manner.

Product and IoT Testing Services

No wonder, IoT has experienced a massive lift in transforming the procedure of consumer’s interaction with products. Indeed, Jenex offers its main focus on end-to-end automation so that you could get the maximum test coverage as well as experience great cost savings on various operations and infrastructure.

Device-to-Cloud QA Automation Services

We could say that we are living in the connected device era where both QA and test automation has an vital role or necessity for organizations of every type. Indeed, this particular things helps various organizations so that they could quickly and accurately test their product lines in various forms. Amazingly, Jenex understand the requirement of cost reduction by reducing cost of quality and cost of rework without compromising the quality of productivity and improving rapid innovation.

Jenex Differentiators

Jenex has been in the field for several years and has delivered top-notch services to clients of varying fields including Healthcare, Automotive, Telemetry, and more. You could believe us for our services as we have various teams of expertise in each area.

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One-stop destination for maximum embedded products- We make sure that our end-to-end services go straight to manufacturing from concept to product

Get complete product realization services and excellent  solutions 

We have the best culture and policies that can attract superior talent and we help in develop your ideas.

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