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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our cloud engineering service is undoubtedly one of the best services you'd have experienced. It’s crucial to note that cloud engineering indicates the future so, why taking risks when we are here at your service? You’ll get solutions for solving complex problems related to your business in no time.

Jenex has the best global team of experts or consultants who’d help in embracing the cloud faster. We could say that the future lies in cloud engineering as many complex systems are still required to migrate into the clouds. Our quality services enable us to re-platform applications, re-host, and re-engineer them so that they would become cloud friendly.

What We Offer

Understanding the language of business

Design physical architecture

End-to-End iteration of Cloud Development

Application of Security layer

Maintain the IT systems in no-server setup

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-Native Testing and Automation

Service Orchestration (Kubernetes)

Service Mesh Platforms Enablement

Monitoring and Operational Intelligence

Platform Implementation

Deployment Automation

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Cloud Migration Planning

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We get the whole new idea regarding the product so that the business could experience great success by the release. We include certain procedures to get the right idea before planning for the product that includes understanding the business language, cloud architecture consulting, and others.

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The next stage includes designing the product by physical architecture, cloud migration planning, deployment automation and more. Also, before sending the plan for developing, final changes and improvements are done within the plan.

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Here, the plans het the life and the product have to go through various procedures before its release. It is certain that we need to pay attention on each of the procedure as it is the most critical stage involving platform implementation, cloud native development, multi-cloud enablement and more.

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In the final stage, after the development procedure gets completed, we prepare the product to release into the market after going through various tests like cloud-native testing and automation. After the released, we pay a lot of attention to the feedbacks and note down each for making future improvements.

Our Expertise

At Jenex  the cloud engineering expertise makes sure to solve various complex business problems by leveraging cloud’s capabilities.  Our expertise helps you in re-architecture of various business products using cloud native architecture and utilizing the PAAS features.We have team of experts who helps various organizations to get right plans from the start using cloud engineering. Also, they make sure to utilize today’s cloud native capabilities for getting the best outcome.

Development and App Modernization

We make sure to offer the best cloud up and running by providing cloud-native development, app Modernization, server less adoption and more without disrupting any of your delivery efforts.

Cloud management and operations

Our expert team delivers quality cloud based services so that you could get key equipment in real time using various sensing devices that gets connected to the devices. Indeed, the status of equipment could return to cloud platform automatically for real time monitoring and our experts have years of experience in this field.

Jenex Differentiators

Jenex has been in the field for several years and has delivered top-notch services to clients of varying fields including Healthcare, Automotive, Telemetry, and more. You could believe us for our services as we have various teams of expertise in each area.

Jenex Differentiators 1 1

One-stop destination for maximum embedded products- We make sure that our end-to-end services go straight to manufacturing from concept to product

Get complete product realization services and excellent  solutions 

We have the best culture and policies that can attract superior talent and we help in develop your ideas.

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