Embedded Hardware Engineer

Experience : 1-5 years , Location : Ahmedabad , No of Post: 2

  • Good knowledge of interfacing protocols like I2C, SPI, USB, UART, USART, PCIe, RS232, RS-485 etc.
  • Basic knowledge of schematic design and layout design
  • Basic Knowledge of designing tools Orcad, Altium
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor based design
  • Good Debugging skill
  • Hands on knowledge of RF concepts

Embedded Software Developer

Experience : 1-5 years , Location : Ahmedabad , No of Post: 8

  • Very good understanding of embedded hardware - schematics understanding, booting sequence, etc
  • Experience with open-source boot loader - u-boot, etc.
  • Hands on experience on Linux internals - process, multi-threading, IPC, sockets, etc.
  • Understanding of system interfaces and BUS protocols - CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, etc.
  • experience with developing/troubleshooting (design, implementation, debug) of C code.
  • Strong Leadership skills and ability to perform under the pressure.

Devops automation consultant with salt stack

Experience : 1-5 years , Location : Ahmedabad / Remotely , No of Post: 1

  • Knowledge of VMware vRa/vRo
  • Knowledge of Azure/AWS
  • Knowledge of k8s
  • Knowledge of Jenkins
  • Knowledge of Terraform
  • Knowledge of InfluxDB
  • Knowledge of Thycotics
  • Knowledge of NetOps
  • Experience with system and cloud administrator

Why Jenex |

At Jenex, we believe in people they are the one who drives. Jenex delegates the skills and capabilities of the employees.

Jenex Employees have access to offshore on-site traveling opportunities and client exposure.

Jenex is persistently focusing on customer satisfaction and the overall build quality of the product.

Jenex has vast knowledge in the field of designing and manufacturing. It will allow you to learn more and apply those learnings.

Jenex works in the field of the IoT, Product design, artificial intelligence, automotive, marine, and medical devices.

Jenex will help you to implement cloud based services to reach business goals

As any business is growing, services will have to be flexible to meet the excessive requirements and expansion of the business. Cloud services are one of the contemporary solution and Jenex is solution for cloud services.


Jenex build upon five core values to strongly represent the culture and work ethics at Jenex


At Jenex, we have executed projects which are different from the last one with continuous learning. We never stop learning.

Customer First
Customer First

We believe in customer satisfaction and quality first. We have executed some critical products with great round the clock service.


At Jenex we practice called "Ownership" All individual takes the responsibility and take decisions of their choices as they are the owner.


We maintain the relationship with the truthfulness and the highest ethical standards.


Jenex built upon five core values to potently represent the culture and work ethics at Jenex.