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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

You'll get top-quality hardware, software, embedded, and IT solutions from us at a minimal price range. We make sure that the products you’d get from the manufacturers are of the best quality. Our engineering consulting activities are authentic with unique solutions.
At Jenex, product engineering services are based on proper research and an oriented approach. These methods take a path towards helping identify such technologies close to the client's performance and cost requirements. Also, our qualified team are involved in the complete procedure of the product lifecycle involving inception to delivery. Moreover, we ensure to provide the best quality product delivery to our clients.

What We Offer

Product Development

Product Re-Architecting & Manufacturing

Hardware Design, Prototyping and Development

Hardware Testing

Firmware Development

Application Development

Product Verification & Sustenance

Support & Maintenance

Product Pre-Certification

Bill Of Material (BOM) Optimization

R & D Services

Testing and design verification

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We get the right idea for product development that includes hardware designing, PCB layout, software and application development, and more. Also, our idea remains from inception to the end of the lifecycle of the product at different phases of product engineering.

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The next step is to plan for designing the product that involves utilizing the ideas or giving the idea a life with engineering designs. Before finalizing the designs, we make sure to do various improvements and changes within this particular phase.

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This particular phase includes developing or assembling the product. Indeed, we pay a lot of attention on this particular phase including managing as well as optimizing the production cost, and implementing the project.

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After developing and testing the product, we prepare it for the release into the market. Also, we collect feedbacks from users so that in future we could improve the quality of the product.

Our Expertise

Amazingly, we have a team of experts who have previously worked on multi core processors, microcontrollers, and microprocessors having good experience in those fields.Indeed, we have gained an considerable amount of knowledge regarding various microcontrollers from different areas including Cypress, NXP, Freescale, Microchip, and more. Our expertise are properly trained in RF based chips and have implemented wireless sensors in various industrial grade.It is true that Jenex have developed huge knowledge in various field over the years now including BSP development, Integration of system and customization, and storage domain (NAND and MOR flash).Our experienced team have great capabilities in application development UI/UX design and development. Get full package of product engineering services at Jenex that includes the below mentioned services.

Hardware Services

You don’t have to find any other service provider once you get to know Jenex. We offer one stop solutions for any hardware related problems. You could get every little detailed information from concept and architectural design till the manufacturing procedure service.

In fact, we have trained professionals who know everything related to hardware from small factor to various complex enclosure as well as PCB design. You should know that an hardware engineering services could be an vital yet complex job so, it’s crucial to take the best solutions.

Also, it is not limited to architectural designs, testing, or validation as there’s something more that must be included. For seamless interoperability of the product or system, this particular service involves integrating various modules.

Software Services

At Jenex, you would get every software services and products including development and deployment or concept to code. Simply, you can call it an one-stop destination for providing maximum services.

It is an well-run platform hat helps businesses of all sizes small or big in becoming successful with various next-generation technologies. Jenex offers a full stack of software development services, connected mobile app development, and more.

Mechanical Design Engineering

Our focus are on next-generation innovations so, we de-risk our design by challenging today’s businesses. Various top mechanical design engineering services are included like CAE, 3D CAD Design, Tooling Development, and more.

We help our customers from various industries for this particular services including Medical/Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, and others in producing prototypes that are ready for production and suitable especially for their industry.

Jenex Differentiators

Jenex has been in the field for several years and has delivered top-notch services to clients of varying fields including Healthcare, Automotive, Telemetry, and more. You could believe us for our services as we have various teams of expertise in each area.

Jenex Differentiators 1 1

One-stop destination for maximum embedded products- We make sure that our end-to-end services go straight to manufacturing from concept to product

Get complete product realization services and excellent  solutions 

We have the best culture and policies that can attract superior talent and we help in develop your ideas.

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