Product Engineering
Product Engineering Services at Jenex Technologies takes a research and analysis oriented approach towards identifying the technology that best serves the client’s performance and cost parameters. Our team is involved in the product lifecycle from inception to delivery, thus ensuring the highest quality product delivery. Our commitment to delivering the best product begets that we persistently improve every nook and cranny of our process.

Cloud Services
Jenex provides scalable cloud services solutions such that your IT infrastructure can easily be scaled as per the dynamic needs of your business. Cloud computing is impacting businesses in every industry, whether you are running applications that share pictures or ones which support critical operations for your business. Cloud services platform provide rapid access to IT services at a low cost.

Internet Of Things
Jenex helps organizations leverage IoT PLATFORMS to reduce cost through improved process efficiency, asset utilization, and productivity, aided by high-speed data transactions. The Internet of Things has the potential to transform business and society as we know it. The vision of the Internet of Things has evolved due to a convergence of multiple technologies, including ubiquitous wireless communication, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems.

Software Solutions
Today, software application maintenance is a daunting task for enterprises. They are under pressure to reduce spends on maintenance while ensuring the optimized performance of their IT systems and applications. Therefore, we at Jenex engage with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, development, enhancements, support, and maintenance across the complete application lifecycle and software solutions.

Mobility Solutions
The ability to interact with customers, clients, employees, assets, products, and other businesses from anywhere at any time is now a basic necessity for any modern business. Jenex integrates mobility services with your business processes to deliver engaging, easy to use mobile solutions. Our mobility services can help you maintain a mobile enterprise presence that drives your company’s growth.

Quality Engineering
Jenex believes that as far as quality attributes are concerned, reliability, security, and safety of IT services play a predominant role. Quality Engineering is closely linked to compliance with legal and business requirements, contractual obligations, and standards. Therefore at Jenex, we believe in delivering only the highest quality products and nothing less.