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    A Complete Product Solution Company
    Jenex has delivered high-quality products to client all around the world.
    Our expertise in hardware, firmware and software makes us a great technology partner.
    Let us take care of all your technological needs.
  • Product Engineering

  • Product Re-Architecturing

  • Hardware Design, Prototyping
    and Manufacturing

  • Firmware Development

  • Application Development

  • Product Verification & Sustenance

  • IOT, Cloud Server & Mobility

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Mechanical Engineering

Domain Specialization Years of experience enables us to deliver high quality products with a degree of ease.

Hardware Development

We develop robust, reliable and scalable hardware
Following are some of the hardware services we provide

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Hardware Prototype Development
  • Hardware Design, Development,
    Bring-up & Testing
  • High-speed PCB Design capability
    up to 18 Layers
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Firmware Development

We provide highest quality firmware development services
Following are some of the hardware services we provide

  • Firmware & Device Driver Development
  • BSP, OS, Kernel, Application Porting
  • Open Source Software Stack Integration &
  • Controllers, Processors, SOC and
    FPGA Software
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  • Web Application We develop Native web applications, Progresive web Applications and Responsive web applications with higher user experience index.

  • Android Application Our Android app development service adheres to the best in class Android architectural standards with scalable and sustainable Android applications across Android platforms like Android phone, tablets.

  • iOS Application Our aim is to build next-generation iOS apps that drive the digital enterprise to generate more business potential, new revenues, higher productivity, new markets and greater market penetration.

We offer end to end services
from concept to product and straight to manufacturing

Ownership of Hardware, Firmware and Software Development full life cycle. Developing Complelling Innovation and Technology Solution

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A place where Jenex techies share expertise solutions that tend to a new technovations.

Experience From Our Prestigious Clients

We have faced issue with embedded project, but Jenex has unique solution to this. Jenex not only understands the needs of the client but also have assisted morph of the solution concept to actual production. Jenex not only exclusively handle our cross platform software development but also the in-house graphics, GUI, Manufacturing of the circuit boards.
CEO of yatch manufacturing company
We have used Jenex to solve the technical issues that go along with the consumer driven products that we create. They have been instrumental in providing working platforms allowing us to move our product concepts into reality for us and our clients. Jenex creatively applied, in a timely and cost effective manner, new technology our implementation in the marine, automotive and farming industries. Their in depth technical knowledge allows us to solve our clients “Pain Points”. Jenex has been instrumental in our success and the ability to meet the needs of not only our clients but the end consumers as well.
CEO of embedded product design company
I’ve been working with Jenex Technology for the couple years and they expand my ideas of innovation into a whole new dimension. My product needed that extra push to get over the hump and I ran out of ideas so I turned to them. With their assistance and 24/7 support, they made it all possible. Their engineering team will work with you around the clock to make sure all task is completed before any given deadline. If you are looking for success for new innovations ideas or just a simple product integration, I highly recommend Jenex Technology.
Design lead in Product engineering company

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